How Not to Lose Your Remote Controlled Helicopter and GoPro Camera


A Helicopter with a GoPro Camera Attached

The GoPro camera when combined with a remote-controlled helicopter, like this DJI Phantom, is a great way to get aerial video. But, you could lose one or both if a few guidelines are not followed. Here they are:

Don’t Lose or Damage Your Equipment – Some Guidelines

  1. Turn off the GoPro WiFi. Sure it’s cool to look at your phone app and see what your GoPro camera is seeing while it flies above you, but the helicopter remote may be on the same frequency as your GoPro WiFi. With the Phantom helicopter, it is. Both are at 2.4 GHz. If the GoPro disables the helicopter’s remote, you could crash it or lose them both. Turn off the WiFi and save yourself some tense moments.
  2. Attach your GoPro camera with a good bolt. The one that comes with the camera or mounts is usually plastic around steel. Vibration can back out the screw, or when crashing or bumping into something the plastic of the screw can become stressed and crack. You wouldn’t know it is cracked until it lets your camera drop from on high. Avoid feeling insecure about the bolt and purchase an aluminum one. Tighten it down well and fly without worry.


Besides the obvious guidelines like “practice flying” and “charge your batteries,” these non-obvious items above should help you keep flying safely and without costing you your equipment.

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!

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