Hand-Holding the Camera and Sharpness


This happens: I get back to the computer and find that the shot I took is not sharp. I was shaking while taking the photo. Arrrrgh! But why? I’ll tell you my problems so you can avoid them yourself.

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Luminosity Masks ?

Do you use luminosity masks in your photo post-processing? I do not find a need to right now, but wonder what other photographers think. Please answer my poll and let me know. Thanks.


Buying guides: Digital Photography Review

A great buyer’s guide if you’re in the market for some photo gear.

Source: Buying guides: Digital Photography Review

“Photo Editing Overview – Caribbean Sailboat” by @larslentz of NegativeMoments.com on Vimeo

Here is a video showing my edit of one of my photos. In it, I show you the software I used, the basic techniques, and why I did what I did.

Watch the video in the player on this page, and switch to full screen to see better. HD also helps see more detail.

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Camera and Lens Review Sites


Comparing cameras and lenses before you purchase is always a smart idea. Here are some of the sites I use to learn more about lenses and cameras before I buy them. Continue reading

Canon’s New APS-C Camera – the Canon 80D

Here is a great review of the newest Canon camera, the 80D.

A hyperlapse video. Trying out various software and techniques. I hope you like it.

“Early Morning Farming Preparation” by @larslentz of NegativeMoments.com on Vimeo

Craft Camera

Wow, this looks like a great new video camera.

Source: Introducing Craft Camera

Back-Button Focusing and Why You Should Use It

back of camera

Back-Button Focus

Ever want to be able to switch from shooting a static landscape to shooting action without having to worry about changing focus modes? Want to capture moving objects in crisp focus? Use back-button focusing and you can have it all. Here’s how to set it up. Continue reading

Microstock Photo Rewards and Rejections

I’ve submitted many photos to microstock sites (sites that sell stock photos) and have had many rejections. All my rejected photos are perfectly good – even excellent.  However, the microstock sites have their specific criteria, and they are very, very picky.  Rejections are either for the noise of various kinds or content.

I’ve developed a technique that works to clean up the photos for submission that I will share with you in an upcoming post.  As for the content, now that’s a different story, and you have to learn what these sites want before shooting and uploading.  The microstock sites themselves will have content guides to help you.

With all the difficulty and prospects of rejection, why bother with microstock sites?

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Photo: Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle | A sea turtle near Tintamarre Island in the Caribbean Sea. | http://lars-lentz.pixels.com/featured/sea-turtle-lars-lentz.html

Sea Turtle | A sea turtle near Tintamarre Island in the Caribbean Sea. | http://lars-lentz.pixels.com/featured/sea-turtle-lars-lentz.html

Swimming with sea turtles is an incredible experience. We went to Tintamarre Island near the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean where there is a sanctuary and they are protected. They were right there swimming down to feed off the bottom and back up again every 20 minutes or so for air. We snorkeled over and next to them and for a half hour were able to watch them feeding.

I photographed this one as he was getting ready to descend again. I snorkeled right over him and shot downward. It is not easy and sometimes not possible at all to see a camera screen underwater while wearing a mask and snorkel. I had no artificial light and relied on the bright sunlight to illuminate the turtle in the water. I tried flash and it was not an option because it would illuminate the bubbles and particles in the water, obscuring the image. I was able to make out the screen of my camera when the light hit it just right and I took the shot at that moment.

I cleaned up the photo in post-processing. I removed many bubbles in the water around the turtle that detracted from it. I also sharpened the image selectively, allowing the sunlight to soften portions of the turtle and the background.

It was difficult to keep from smiling the whole time I was swimming with these sea turtles. Smiling would have broken the seal between my mask and face and allowed it to fill with water. But I was smiling inside the whole time I was there and now even afterward whenever I see this photo. I hope it brings a smile to your face as well.

Below is a map of the exact location where I took this photo. It is an interactive map and you can zoom in/out, scroll, and move around to see more. You can even see the tour company I used for the excursion by clicking on the red push-pin: Continue reading

Add Text to Photos Using On1 Photo and Powerpoint

Hawaii Beach | North Beach on Oahu in Hawaii. | http://www.larslentzphotography.com |

Photo with Text Added

Sometimes a photo needs a bit of text added to it. Here’s how I like to add text to photos using On1 Photo and Microsoft Powerpoint. Continue reading

Meaningless Labels on Photographers


I’ve been reading a lot of camera and lens reviews lately, and they all label the users as one thing or another: Pro, Semi-Pro, Enthusiast, Novice, Casual User, Hobbyist, Amateur. I’m here to tell you; that’s all a bunch of nonsense. I stop reading when I see them labeling me or my equipment as one of these. I think you should too. Here’s why: Continue reading

DSLR Camera Bag Recommendation

If you shoot with a DSLR camera, I highly recommend a Ruggard Triumph 45 bag. I use mine daily. It has room for my DSLR Camera with the lens on it, and two additional lenses.

This padded backpack protects my gear while having an indispensable side pouch that I can unzip and pull out my camera at any time. It keeps me ready to shoot at all times.

Source: Ruggard

Taking Great Fall Photos


Fall Photography

Fall can be an incredible time of the year for photography. With vibrant fall colors of orange, red, yellow, brown, and green, these are the ingredients for some stunning photos. There are a few steps you can take to maximize your photo’s potential and get even better shots. Continue reading