Storm Light

What is “Storm Light?”

“Storm light” is a special kind of outdoor lighting that occurs usually just after a storm has passed. The atmosphere is usually full of small particles of dust, rain, and ice, and this creates a unique coloration of the sky and land. It is one of the best, most difficult, most dangerous, and rarest of times to shoot landscape photos. Continue reading

What topics would you like to see in a book about photography?

I value your opinion:  What topics would you like to see in a book about photography?

Please click your answers below. Choose multiple chapter titles from my list or type some of your own, then click the vote button. Thank you very much for your help!

How to Export a Video for Vimeo

vimeo logo stripes

Why Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video hosting platform similar to YouTube, but with much better video quality. I have started putting my videos on Vimeo because the user experience is so much better. True, there are not as many hits as on YouTube because YouTube is much more popular, but as a photographer I want the best picture quality in my videos. That better video quality available on Vimeo means I need to render or export my videos with the settings that work for Vimeo.

Vimeo Video Settings

Here are the settings I’ve successfully used: Continue reading

Instruction Manuals


Believe it or not, it is very important to keep those instruction manuals that came with your cameras.  With the complexity that is inherent in almost every high-end digital camera sold today, it is nearly impossible to master all features of your camera right out-of-the-box, or even years later (as in my case). Continue reading

To Re-work or Not to Re-work Old Photos?

To Re-work or Not to Re-work? That is the question.

Times change. Your expertise and the capabilities of your photo editing software do too. They improve. You can do more with a photo today than you could 6 months ago. But should you go back and re-work those “old” photos?

Continue reading

Choosing a Focus Mode and AF Frame

Focusing Modes Explained

Choosing a focusing mode (also called AF Mode) for your camera can be confusing. Very confusing. It’s not something you’re going to want to be thinking about when you’re ready to shoot, that’s for sure! Here’s a simple explanation for some common focus modes and how I use them. Continue reading

Characteristics of the Best Landscape and Nature Photos


I’m interested in making the best landscape and nature photos that I possibly can. With that in mind, I thought I would look at two outstanding sites where great photos are displayed and see what the best photos there all have in common. Here’s what I found… Continue reading

GoPro Camera Settings for Videos and Time-Lapse


Testing the GoPro Video Camera Modes

The GoPro video camera has a lot of video modes and settings for shooting videos and time-lapse sequences, so how can anyone know which settings are correct? This was my dilemma and it kept me from shooting anything because I didn’t know what settings to use. But, I said “screw this” and just went ahead and shot with whatever. By trial and error I think I’ve figured out what works best. Here’s what I learned.

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Mobile Chargers

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How often are you ever taking photos at home or where you are near electricity?

For me it is not very often.  I like to get outside and shoot.

And, while I do carry a spare, fully-charged battery with me, sometimes I will go through both of my batteries before getting back home.  Or, even worse, I don’t take time to charge that second battery and it’s run down — what a let down.

Then I’m in trouble, and I miss shots! Continue reading

A Great Camera Strap – The BlackRapid “Curve” (RS-7)


The BlackRapid RS-7 Camera Strap

The BlackRapid “Curve” (a.k.a. RS-7) camera strap is the most useful accessory for my photography that I have ever bought. It gets the camera off of your neck, relieving stress, while  Continue reading