Inverse Colorized Lightroom Preset

I wanted a cool-looking effect where the dark parts of an image look like they are emanating colored light from within. Lightroom was perfect for this and here’s a preset for you to use to achieve the same effect!

This is a develop module preset for Adobe Lightroom that inverts and colorizes any image, giving an artistic effect similar to scratch art or black light art.

Start with this preset and then adjust the tone controls, exposure, white balance, split toning color and balance, sharpening, and other controls to get the look you desire. A gradient color overlay is also included and applied to the image by the preset. Adjust the gradient shape and color to further enhance the image.

You must have Adobe Lightroom in order to use this preset.

Please consult Adobe to know how to install Lightroom presets.

Created in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.2.

Here’s a link to the preset.

I used it on the cover of a single I released: