Favorite Film Emulations


Film Emulations

Here are some of my favorite films that are easily emulated by software.

For each film emulation, I vary the strength to suit the image. Often it is at 100%, but not always. It is not uncommon for me to use 50-70% strength of each film emulation.

Color Positive (Slide) Film Emulations

  1. Agfa Precisa 100
  2. Lomography X-Pro Slide 200
  3. Fuji Velvia 50
  4. Fuji Provia 100f

With the color positive films, I like the Agfa brand best. The Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 is a revival of the Agfa RSX II. Fuji Velvia is a classic, as is Fuji Provia.

Color Negative Film Emulations

  1. Agfa Vista 200
  2. Fuji Pro 400H¹
  3. Agfa Ultra Color 100
  4. Adox Color Implosion

In color negative films, I like the Agfa and Fuji brands. Adox Color Implosion provides a 70’s look that I like to use from time to time.

(¹Also available in a LUT for video.)

Black and White Film Emulations

  1. Adox Silvermax 21
  2. Ilford Pan F Plus 50
  3. Ilford FP4 Plus 125
  4. Ilford Pan 100
  5. Kodak Tri-X 400
  6. Adox CMS 20
  7. Adox CHS 100 II

My basic philosophy on the black and white film emulations is that I like to stay with currently-available films, and I’m partial to the Adox and Ilford lines. The Kodak Tri-X is a classic though, so I use it from time to time.


I like to stick with film emulations that are currently available from the manufacturers, and that could be shot today. All of these listed above are available to purchase as roll film for a 35mm camera. Although I use digital cameras now, I like the thought of being able to step back into “conventional film.” That is why I like to stick with film emulations that are there in the real world and available today.


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Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it!