A Photo Critique


A Photo Critique

Here is a photo (small version above) that I posted to Nature Photographer’s Network. Click the photo or the link [here] to visit the page. It will be up for about a month after this post. There you will see the helpful critiques you can get on your photos if you post them there. I would highly recommend it, but also remember to take the criticism with care – it is not all helpful. Here are some of the critiques so far…

The Critiques

Below are some of the comments that have been posted so far regarding the photo:

  • Lars, I honestly think there’s too many distracting elements going on here.Some suggestions: Try using a polarizer to remove the reflections and glare from the water and foliage, isolate the flowers against a cleaner BG or at least against the green pads and not the similarly colored ones, shoot at another time of day to remove the harsh sunlight, and massive amounts of cloning to at least remove some of the particulate matter that’s floating around. It looks like a layer of dust coating everything.
  • The flowers are pretty, and the placement of them diagonally in the frame works for me. For me though, the rest of the photo is not working. The light is too harsh and it looks like the light was shining through a pergola or something similar as there are bands of light and shadow. The spots on the pads should also be cleaned up if possible.
  • I believe the spots are drops of water and don’t particularly bother me. I do agree with the other comments about the distracting light and elements. I find a crop to just above the center flower really cleans up the image and a small crop from each side to eliminate some of the bright bits wouldn’t hurt either.


From my past experience on this site, for the most part, the critiques are helpful. In some cases they don’t know what kind of look I am going for or just don’t like my style, and that’s alright, I get it. I’d highly recommend that if you are looking to improve your photography, that you post your photos on sites and take some criticism. It takes some getting used to because nobody likes to hear that their work is not great, but if there are professionals involved doing the critiquing, you’ll get some great advice.

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it!