How much camera do you need?


How Much Camera Do I Really Need?

The question inevitably will come up: “How much camera do I really need?”

It’s not possible to know the answer to this unless you know what you will do with the camera.  But, here is a rough guide:

  • Pro: the most camera you can buy for the money, dSLR, of course.
  • Semi-pro: not more than a 15 Mp dSLR (Canon T1i/D500)
  • Amateur: a high-end point and shoot (Canon G-series)
  • Hobbyist: a compact point and shoot (Nikon L-series)
  • Novice: a low-end point and shoot (maybe even just a camera phone)

This is a proven list by the way.  I’ve lived it and I own those listed above.

What am I?

“But, what am I?”, you ask. Well here is another list for that:

  • Pro: You are selling fine-art, you’ve written books, you have exhibitions in galleries, you’re working under contracts to shoot certain things (weddings, etc.), you’re known throughout the photo community. You’ve mastered your craft of shooting and retouching. You’re probably teaching others.
  • Semi-pro: You’re on the edge of breaking through. You’ve accomplished some great photos and may even be recognized in the photo community. You haven’t sold a lot. You are still learning photography, but may be extremely proficient in some areas – just not all of them.
  • Amateur: You are learning and finding out new techniques and have captured some amazing photos – you’re just not sure how to reproduce the process in every case.
  • Hobbyist: You’re learning or just getting started. You want to be a photographer or you want to make better photos. You’re saving up for a camera that will get you there.
  • Novice: You’re main goal is not to be a photographer -you just want to “capture the moment”.

Still not sure?

My recommendation: Buy a Canon G-series. It has all the high-end features for the semi-pro, but also the more standard features and easy shooting modes for the amateur. And if you really want a dSLR, then read the reviews and get one you’re comfortable with . Mine is a Canon and I like Canon products, but go with what suits you and happy shooting!

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!