Copyright Your Photos


Why Copyright? Why not?

With the software for image processing and the cameras available today, is there any reason why someone would not apply copyright information to their photos?  Why, yes, yes there is — it’s called “oversight” and “stupidity.”  For as easy as it is, there really is no excuse not to apply your copyright to your images.  Protect them.  They’re yours.

I use Lightroom software to import and touch up my photos, and there is a provision for applying copyright information to the metadata of your image right at the point of import.  I simply fill in the field that applies metadata and save it as my own preset.  When the photos are imported from my camera into Lightroom, the copyright notice is automatically applied.


Speaking of cameras, did you know that most digital cameras allow you to apply copyright to your images as they are taken?  How easy and convenient.  Usually you will find this feature in the menu of your digital camera or through the software that came with the camera.  Scroll through the menu of your camera first and see if there is a place to input your copyright or your name.  If you can not find it there, try the software that came with your camera.  There may be a program in there that allows you to customize your camera, and in there you may find the copyright or owner fields to fill.  Then after you have it applied or uploaded to your connected camera, when you take a photo your copyright information will be added into the metadata.


I’d advise you to take the time to apply a copyright notice to your photos either through your software or camera itself.  It is easy, if not automatic, using most of today’s cameras and/or software.  Again, protect them. They’re yours.

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!