The Importance of Light in a Photo


How Important is Light?

Light is everything. Everything. Light is everything to a photographer. Light is more important than the subject. A good subject but bad light = a bad photo. Good light wins every time.

Light is what a camera captures. Without light a camera is useless.

Light gives color to anything it touches. Think about this: In the dark you can’t tell what color anything is. Can you? No. Therefore, good light = good color.

Light creates shadows and gives form to a landscape. When is the best time to shoot photos? At dusk and dawn. Why, because of the light. The light is low and giving shadows and color to everything it touches.

Lenses are designed to make efficient use of light. Filters are designed to color and change the light. Cameras are created to effectively capture the light.

My Respect for Light

As a photographer, I have respect for the light. It creates every photo I take. It makes every photo I shoot. Knowing this, as a photographer, makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!