To Re-work or Not to Re-work Old Photos?

To Re-work or Not to Re-work? That is the question.

Times change. Your expertise and the capabilities of your photo editing software do too. They improve. You can do more with a photo today than you could 6 months ago. But should you go back and re-work those “old” photos?

My Answer

I struggle with this myself. My answer is this:

  • If I don’t like the look of an “old” photo, then yes, I do go back and re-edit using my new stuff.
  • If I think an “old” photo would look significantly better if I went back, then yes, I do go back and re-edit.
  • If I want to change the look and re-release an “old” photo because I have a new technique to apply, then yes, I go back and re-edit.

It is really that simple. There is no rule set in stone about this. They’re your photos so do what you want.

I never get into the “second guessing” game though and in my opinion, you shouldn’t either. You know the game where you say to yourself “should I have re-edited that photo?” Save yourself the agony, and do what feels right. You’ll be right 90% of the time – and that’s not bad.