Camera Straps


The only thing keeping you from dropping that expensive digital camera of yours is the camera strap.  Whether it is a hand strap or shoulder strap type, you had better have it on your camera if you want to avoid an expensive repair. Here are some recommendations:

Types of Straps and the Cameras They Work With

The choice of hand or shoulder strap is yours, but should match your camera and shooting style.  The smaller cameras can get away with a hand strap and frankly would look silly with a shoulder strap.  High-end point-and-shoots can go either way, but DSLRs should use a shoulder strap.

Yes, they are sometimes cumbersome and can get in the way of your photos.  I have had photos where the strap appears because it was out in front of the lens when I snapped the photo.  That is always frustrating and some care is needed to make sure this does not happen.  However, in these cases, it was usually because I did not bother to have the strap around my neck, but instead, in my rush to get the shot, had left the thing dangling unattended — and that is how it made its way into my photo!

I recommend the Black Rapid camera strap for larger cameras, and the Op/Tech brand for smaller ones. These work well for me and relieve the tension on my neck.

A Steadying Tool

The strap is also useful in steadying your camera during hand-held shots.  There are several techniques, but all involve holding the camera away from you or in a manner so that the strap becomes tight and thereby restricts the amount of motion.


Not only useful, but protective, the camera strap is required equipment.  Don’t leave home without it.

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!