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How often are you ever taking photos at home or where you are near electricity?

For me it is not very often.  I like to get outside and shoot.

And, while I do carry a spare, fully-charged battery with me, sometimes I will go through both of my batteries before getting back home.  Or, even worse, I don’t take time to charge that second battery and it’s run down — what a let down.

Then I’m in trouble, and I miss shots!

Dead Battery = Missing the Shot

There’s nothing worse than missing that “once-in-a-lifetime” photo, because your battery is run down.  That’s why I highly recommend that you purchase a mobile battery charger.  They are inexpensive (about $15 each, at and allow you to charge your camera battery through the 12 volt outlet in your car.  It still takes awhile to charge up a completely dead battery, but you can do it “on-site” and not have to wait until you get back to civilization.  Oh yes, and put it in your car.  Nothing will make you feel more dumb than having a mobile charger and leaving it at home.

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Camera battery chargers in the console of my car.

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Using a mobile charger, you will not have to constantly worry about running your battery down.  You will shoot more photos.  You will get more shots and miss fewer opportunities, and that is what it is all about.

Thank you for reading what I wrote – I hope you enjoyed it!