Photography e-Books – Reviews and Comments

I’ve read several photography e-books, and here are my reviews of what I’ve read so far.


I’ve put a star rating by each, and a short comment also. Here’s what my star ratings mean:

  1. 1 star –   *—-, I didn’t like it. I’ve sold it used, returned it, or thrown it away.
  2. 2 stars – **—, It’s not that good.
  3. 3 stars – ***–, It’s o.k. Not great. I got something out of it. A small part of it is useful. I might keep it.
  4. 4 stars – ****-, It’s good. I liked it and got a lot out of it. I don’t refer to it too often though.
  5. 5 stars – *****, It’s great! I like it and use it often, referring back to it from time to time. I get a lot out of it.


These are in no particular order. Clicking on each title will take you directly to the e-book!

Last Updated March 2015

Landscape and Nature Photography

***** Creative Landscape Photography by Guy Tal,  Excellent e-book by one of the greats!

***** Essential and Advanced Filters for Creative Outdoor Photography by Darwin Wiggett,  Absolutely the best ebook about filters. Period.

***** Light and Land, Landscapes in the Digital Darkroom by Michael FryeI would say this is the best e-book on landscape post-processing using Lightroom. Many examples and direct how-tos step-by-step. Excellent. Buy it.

***** Simplifying Composition, the Elemental Components of a Landscape by Bruce Percey, An excellent e-book on the subject of composing landscape photos.

*—- Simple SLR Hands-on Photography Training Guide by Andy Lim, A basic photography manual, I know. Still, I feel seriously ripped off. Not well-made, bad writing, fails on multiple levels. Avoid.

Night and Low Light Photography

***** Below the Horizon, Understanding Light at the Edges of Day by Dave DelneaThe absolute best e-book on night and low-light photography!

****- Nocturne, Mastering Low Light Photography by Bruce PerceyA good e-book on low light photography.

***** Shooting Stars by Phil HartA great book on night shooting. Recommended.

***** Seeing in the Dark: A Guide to Night Photography by Jon Beard, The absolute best book on night photography. If you don’t buy another, buy this one.

Time and Time-Lapse Photography

***** Photographing the 4th Dimension, Time by Jim Goldstein, An eBook that explores an element of photography that is present in every photo, but rarely explained – time. This book includes time-lapse photography as well! 

HDR – High Dynamic Range Photography

****- Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing by Trey RatcliffA good e-book with some basic processing do’s and dont’s.

****- Illuminating HDR by Mark S. JohnsonThis e-book has lots of examples and workflows that can be helpful for the beginner to moderately-advanced user of HDR.

Photographic Composition

****- Composing the Photo by Trey Ratcliff, A good e-book, filled with great photos and examples.

***– Chasing the Look, 10 Ways to Improve the Aesthetics of your Photographs by David Duchemin, This e-book gives some good tips. It has lots of nice photos as examples.

***– Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft, None of Them Involve Buying Gear by David DucheminAn e-book with 10 really good tips.

***– Ten More Ways to Improve Your Craft, None of Them Involve Buying Gear by David DucheminAnother e-book with 10 more really good tips.

***– Drawing the Eye, Creating Stronger Images Through Visual Mass by David DucheminA concept called visual mass is introduced by the author in this e-book. Examples are shown as well as how to achieve them in Lightroom.

Camera Skills

***** Tack Sharp by James BrandonThis e-book shows the crucial skill of getting sharp photos. Well-written and extremely informative. I’m very impressed with this e-book.

****- Photo Nuts and Bolts by Neil CreekThis e-book shows you the insides of your camera and how it actually works so that you can know what is going on behind-the-knobs. Animations in this e-book show how different lenses and apertures work. Very well written.

***– Photo Nuts and Shots by Neil CreekThis e-book is one on basic photography, but gives only an overview. I kind of like that when compared to some of the basic books out there that are just too long and go too far in-depth. So, for a springboard type of book, this one is really good.


***** Transcending Travel by Mitchell KanashkevichAn extremely good treatment of travel photography. If traveling, I refer to this e-book before I leave the house.


***** Understanding Post-Processing by Mitchell Kanashkevich, An excellent e-book on post-processing with Lightroom. Many before and after examples with step-by-step instruction.

I’m updating this list all of the time, so just because the post date here may be old, the information in here is not!

And that’s the end of my list . . . for now.