There when you need it . . .


How many times have you had the opportunity for a great shot but missed it because you didn’t have your camera with you?

It’s Simple — Always Take a Camera With You

For me, I can answer this with “Plenty of times!” But, I learned my lesson. I now keep a camera with me almost all of the time. Now, when I see a shot I can take it.

You can’t take a photo if you don’t have your camera with you!  (Click to tweet this message.)

I get it out and take photos of my fellow drivers, trees, and stuff I see on my way to work, just to keep in practice of shooting. Sometimes I get good shots too with the sun rising over the traffic or a great nature photo.

I take far more awful shots than good ones, but I get a lot of shots and a lot of practice in composing my photos. Some of them even turn out to be great photos, and this alone makes it worth it to have it on me. With the smartphones and cellphone cameras now, there is just no excuse.


You have to have your camera with you and available to shoot if you want to catch great shots. So take your camera with you more often and you will be amazed at what you will find and how many more great photos you will get!

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it.