The Golden Hours

cropped-3-2009-2009-11-29-14-images-20091129-img_2516-20091129-img_2536-9235x5398-scul-smartblend0000.jpgAn often-asked question is “When is the right time to take photos outdoors?”  Well, the best times to take good outdoor photos are during what are called the “golden hours.”  These are the hours around sunrise and sunset. But why, and when are these hours?

The Golden Hours

For good color and vibrance in your shots, you need to be there (wherever that may be) about one hour before sunset, or about one hour after sunrise. These are the “golden hours.”

For a different effect with less sunlight, consider being there one hour before sunrise, and one hour after sunset. These are twilight hours where the sun has already set. Some people also consider these the “golden hours.” It depends who you talk to.

Remember, these times are guidelines and not exact times.  Every photographer and every photo book has different interpretations and recommendations.  It all depends what look you want in your photos, and it is always around sunrise and sunset, give or take about an hour.  With some exceptions, these are the absolute best times to take outdoor photos.  I suggest you experiment to determine exactly when works the best for you.

Break the Rule

But, break this rule and see what you get too. Because the overwhelming number of photographers take their photos at the “golden hours,” it leaves a big gap for photos that are taken at other times of the day. Experiment and you can create great photos at any time of the day – not just the “golden hours.”

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it.