The Auto Tone Adjustment Has a Good Idea


A Bold Statement

I’ll go against the crowd here when I say “first try the “auto” tone adjustment in post-processing your images.” Why? “Auto” has a good idea for you. Here’s how I use it…

  1. After I have selected a candidate image (in Lightroom in my case, but it could be any image editing program), I click the “auto” button in the Tone panel.
  2. The software makes adjustments to the image based on what it ‘thinks’ it should do to make it look good.
  3. I adjust to my visual ‘taste’ and what I think the image should look like (I basically ‘correct’ the image auto correct).


Unlike what a lot of other photographers will tell you, I believe the auto tone control has a good idea about what the image needs. I can save my thought process for the creative aspect of image correction, and leave the basic adjustments to the software!

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it.