Photography Hashtags

imagesHashtags are the “#” symbol followed by a word, that are used by Twitter (and now on Facebook) for categorizing a “tweet” or post. They really drive traffic to a post because people use them to browse categories of tweets and posts, and may see your tweet or post when not subscribed to your stream. As a photographer, you may be wondering which ones are the best to use to get exposure to your material? Here’s some of my recommendations:

  1. #photo — If it’s a photograph that you’re sharing, use this. Then, use some other hashtags to describe what is in the photo.
  2. #foto — Bad grammar, yes, but a shortened version of #photo that will reach a wider audience. Use with #photo and other hashtags as descriptions of what the photo is.
  3. #photography — Very general and gets some good exposure.
  4. #photog — Shorter than #photography and taken note of by photographers who want to discuss. Good for reaching photographers on issues, etc.
  5. #camera — Any photography gear-related items should have this hashtag.
  6. #lens — Another photo gear-related tag, this time specific to lenses.
  7. #filter — Anything to do with filters could benefit from this more-specific camera gear hashtag.
  8. #travel — For landscape, outdoor, and travel photographers, if your photo is of some outdoor scene, even if in your own backyard, tag it with #travel. People love to get away and many search using the #travel hashtag. Give them a photo to show where they could be.
  9. #landscape, #wedding, #food, #outdoor, etc. — After using some of the above, get more specific about what kind of photography you are presenting. People often search hashtags with more than one term.
  10. #photoshop, #lightroom, #adobe, etc. — If you’re writing about photo post-processing software, use the name of the software or company and you stand a better chance of getting noticed.

To see what hashtags are currently working well, check the site to see the usage over the last 24 hours.

If you can master the use of hashtags in your posts, whether on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere, you are guaranteed to get more traffic and clicks on your posts and links. Try it and see!

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope you enjoyed it.