GoPro Camera Reset

goprobuttonsGoPro makes a great camera, but it can have its quirks and bugs as well! Sometimes I’m so frustrated with it that I just want to reset it to its defaults, just like it came out of the factory, and start over. Here’s how you can reset your GoPro camera:

  1. Remove the SD card and battery.
  2. Press and hold the shutter (S) button (and keep holding it until I say release it).
  3. Insert the battery. Keep holding that shutter button.
  4. Click the power/mode button. Keep holding that shutter button.
  5. Watch as the camera powers up. Keep holding that shutter button.
  6. O.k., you can release the shutter button.
  7. Insert a recommended SD card.
  8. Update the camera’s firmware. (Optional. Recommended.)

That’s all there is to it. The camera should function now just like it did right out of the box!