Using a Cable Release and Intervalometer with the Tripod

When doing time lapse work using a cable release or intervalometer (like the PClix XT) with my camera on my tripod, there is a simple thing I do to minimize vibrations that might blur my shots. I’m sure you’ve run into the problem before where even with mirror lockup on, you sometimes get some blur. Of course you don’t notice it until later because its nearly impossible to see on the camera’s built-in screen.

PClix XT Intervalometer for Time Lapse

I’ve found the cause of my blur comes from my dangling cable release or intervalometer. I was just plugging them into the  camera and letting them hang there as the shot was being made. With an intervalometer, I would set it to take some number of shots per minute and just walk away for a few hours, collecting the photos for time lapse assembly in software later. For the cable release, on long exposures of a few seconds or more, I would push the button on it then let it dangle from the camera also.

This dangling of these items caused the problem. The wind would catch them and jiggle my camera into giving me blurry shots!

My simple solution was to put Velcro® on them (the cable release and the intervalometer) and also on my tripod (leg). Now I affix my intervalometer or cable release to my tripod before pressing the button, and now I have shots that are not blurry at all!