Video: Metallic Paper Prints

Click to ViewWhat is “metallic paper” and what does a photo look like when printed on it? Metallic paper will make a photo almost “glow” because it catches the light so well. Peter Lik uses metallic paper on his prints and look how great his are! In this short video, I’ll show you one of my photos printed on metallic paper, and give you an idea of how wonderful this material is to print photos on!

In addition, I’ll be showing you a 12″ x 36″ panoramic photo framed using an extremely simple and cost-effective method.

After viewing the video, if you are thinking of printing your photos on this material, I’ll let you know right now my source for this printing service is Bay Photo out in California. They’ve provided me with great product and I recommend them. The paper I use is Kodak Endura Metallic paper. They also have Fuji Pearl Metallic for an extra charge. The Fuji paper is what I believe that Peter Lik uses on his prints, but there is really no difference with the Kodak paper in my opinion as long as I soft proof my photos ahead of time and make the right adjustments.

If you’re interested in the frame for 12″ x 36″ panoramic photos that I show in the video, my source for that frame is my local Michael’s store where they call it a panoramic poster frame and it costs around $10 – $20 each.

I hope you enjoy the video!