Tripods – Love and Hate

I confess. I hate using a tripod. They are more to carry and set-up, and generally a hassle. But, they work.

Truth be known, I should be using a tripod for almost every shot. My photos are almost all landscapes and these are the best types of shots for using a tripod. Also, I like a shot with sharpness and clarity (who wouldn’t), and even though I can hand hold and take a shot that is reasonably clear and sharp, when blown up to giant size it may not be that good. With a tripod, I can guarantee that I get a sharp photo no matter what size I print it later. And I want my photos to be printed in giant size to overwhelm the viewer when they see it hanging on a wall. I should be using my tripod all the time because the photos that I think are sharp, could really be sharper if I used a tripod!

So, what kind of tripod? I have a light one. About 5 lbs. Its not an expensive one by any means, and it gets the job done well. It is a Manfrotto-brand tripod model no. 718B. There’s a picture of it in this post. Everyone talks about what type of head to have on their tripod, and I’m here to tell you that I don’t think it matters much. Most say to use a ball head, but I’m not sure it matters much as long as you use your tripod at all. I would get a tripod that weighs as little as possible, because you’re not going to want to carry it around if it weighs a lot. Another thing is the legs. You want one that has telescoping legs, but not with screw-holder type because they can clog with sand and dirt and then generally not work very good after that.

Maybe if I start using my tripod more (like I should) I’ll change my mind on what I like and dislike and maybe recommend a better tripod or head, but until then my simple advice to everyone interested in taking good, sharp photos, is to use your tripod.

Thank you for reading what I wrote — I hope your enjoyed it.