Same Location – Different Photos

Isn’t it funny how two people can look at the same thing and see something slightly different? Or maybe even completely different? The same happens in photography. With well-photographed areas and attractions, it is easy to see how the perspective of the photographer comes into play in making the photo! By the end of this post, I hope you will see what I mean…

Here is a comparison of different photos by different photographers of the same natural features in the area of Zion National Park in Utah. Comparing photos by Marc Adamus, Ian Plant, Michael AndersonAdam Barker, and Paul Marcellini, I can see that their visions of the same place are very different.

  1. I can see they are all in slightly different locations for their photos, meaning that they set-up differently and have different visions for their compositions.
  2. Some are low with more foreground interest and some are higher up without as much.
  3. The water is blurred in all, but to different extents, indicating different exposures.
  4. The light is not similar in each. In some you can see more light and color, indicating different times of day and different seasons/conditions.
  5. Post-processing is different in each. In Marc Adamus’ photo for example, there is more color, and some of this may likely be done in post-processing using his  “glow technique.” The one by Paul Marcellini is sharp and crisp with well-balanced color, and it is my personal preference above all the others shown here.
While I may be stating the obvious here, I believe it is a good comparison to do. Whatever the photographic technique, it is clear from this simple comparison that I did here, that the same basic location can have many interpretations in the final photo and it is ultimately up to the photographer!

Paul Marcellini

Marc Adamus

Michael Anderson

Ian Plant

Adam Barker