Photography Videos – Reviews and Comments

I’ve watched a few videos on photography.  Here are my reviews of what I’ve seen so far.

I’ve put a star rating by each, and a short comment also. Here’s what my star ratings mean:

  1. 1 star –   *—-, I didn’t like it. I’ve sold it used, returned it, or thrown it away.
  2. 2 stars – **—, It’s not that good.
  3. 3 stars – ***–, It’s o.k. Not great. I got something out of it. A small part of it is useful. I might keep it.
  4. 4 stars – ****-, It’s good. I liked it and got a lot out of it. I don’t refer to it too often though. It’s on my shelf.
  5. 5 stars – *****, It great! I like it and use it often, referring back to it from time to time. I get a lot out of it.

These are in no particular order.  Clicking on each title will take you directly to the video!

Updated February 2012. Here they are . . .

Videos to Play on Your DVD Player:

***** Completing Your Outdoor Photography with Landscape Filters by Adam Barker,  This DVD video explains in detail how to use various filters for landscape photography, including the gold and blue polarizer, reverse ND grad, ND grad, and LB color combo polarizer. These are all Singh-Ray filters that are used in the video, but could be applied to other makes equally well.

***– High Dynamic Range: Photography Made Easy by Tony Sweet,  This DVD video is somewhat helpful for the beginner in HDR. The techniques of taking the photos are good. The techniques of applying HDR in the studio are focused around Photomatix and I personally don’t think that is the best program out there right now.

Videos to Play on Your Computer:

***** Magic Light, The Landscape Photographer’s Guide by Tim Cooper, This DVD video for the computer is one of the most useful video instructions I’ve come across.

***** Composition for Digital Photography by Tim Cooper,  This DVD video for the computer is helpful and instructive in composing great photos. I recommend it.

***** Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography by Tim Cooper,  This DVD video for the computer explains the zone system of metering and shooting and is a great instructional video.

I’m updating this list all of the time, so just because the post date here may be old, the information in here is not!

And that’s the end of my list . . . for now.