Quick Shot Mode

Quick Shot Mode on my Canon G12 camera allows me to get shots that I never would have before! By leaving my G12 in this mode when it is safely wrapped in its Always-On® Cover and in my pocket or in my car console, it is up and ready to take and get a shot immediately when I pull it out.

The screen does not show you the live view, but instead shows you more of what you would see in a dSLR camera such as I see on my Canon T1i. But this is o.k. because I want to get the shot and not study the screen to see if anything is out of place or lined up. No, I want to just look through the viewfinder and pull the trigger. Amazingly, this works perfectly. Plus, it shoots and captures in RAW format (not available in some of the other modes, including ‘auto’).

What are the catches? No real significant ones. I set my ISO to be the Canon native ISO of 100, but I could just have it set to auto if I didn’t care so much about noise like I do. Either way you would have to have this set before you turn off and store your camera. You don’t want to be fooling around with that when a great shot is right in front of you. The view through the eyepiece (diopter) is 77% of what you will really get, so stuff on the edges that you can’t see get captured as well. But the most important thing is to put the camera into Quick Shot Mode before stowing it away, so it is ready when you pull it out. It is then just a basic pull it out and shoot function.

The Canon G12’s Quick Shot Mode feature makes this camera even more of a “go-to” all around camera for me. I highly recommend this G12 and the G series in general.