Go Wide

By “go wide” I mean go wide-angle. A wide-angle lens has some distinct advantages for certain types of photos:

  1. For landscape photos, it gives a larger view of the scene. This allows you to capture more of the landscape in your photo.
  2. At night, it collects more light, allowing you to get a better shot at a faster shutter speed. This gives you more control over the shot by giving you a wider range of speeds and aperture combinations for any given shot.
  3. It will give you “sweeping skies.” This is when the skies seem to sprawl out above you.
  4. You can get shots that give you a sense of size. By this I mean if you get very close to something with the wide-angle lens, you will see it spread out before you and go from large to small over the range of your photo. This gives you that sense of size of the object or scene. Put a foreground item in view near the camera like a rock or something, and it will make the image seem all that much larger and grand. Try it.

One possible drawback is that you will have to get very close to your subjects. This does not apply for a landscape shot of course, but does apply for anything else.

I use a Sigma 10-20 mm wide-angle lens. With my APS-C size sensor, that means a 1.6x adjustment for a focal length range of 16-32 mm. This lens has given me some great wide-angle photos, and I would highly recommend using something in this range for your wide-angle photography.