There is no doubt that in photography, as in other things, practice makes perfect.  Well, o.k., maybe not perfect, but it will make you a whole lot better at what you do!

Therefore, these suggestions may help you:

1. Take a camera with you wherever you go if possible, and photograph at least one thing every day.  This is harder to do that you think!  You don’t even need to take your best camera, just a camera.  What this will do for you is to get you in the mindset of framing a photo wherever you may be.  Then whenever you’re out, you can look at something and say “hey, that would make a great photo” and if you’re lucky, you’ll have your camera on you too!  You’ll also learn your camera and the settings you need for various situations.  I’ve found new settings and controls in my camera (like “highlight priority mode”) that will now help me make even better photos than before!

2.  Strategize what photos you want to take then practice taking them.  For example, I want to take some night shots of famous cities like New York, Chicago, etc.  Before I spend my money traveling there and setting up my stuff, I’d better be able to take night shots of cities in general!  Otherwise, I will be really frustrated when I get to the location and either don’t have the equipment needed, or don’t know the settings to make in my camera.  So I will practice taking night shots of cities in my area first.  This way I will learn what equipment works best, what settings to have, where to aim and focus, etc., well before my trip and I don’t have to travel far to do it.  This way when I get to the location I want to shoot, I will be prepared!  I’ll also get some good photos of the cities at night in my own area that maybe I can sell locally.  Win-win!

Simply.  Shoot.  Whenever you can.  That is my advice to you.